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I love you….To the eyes that see

You look at me and think that you know me..

You don’t know me

You don’t know anything

You look at me and think that you are like me

You are not like me

You are nothing like me

And then there is you

You that can see

You that takes me by the hand

You that knows me

You that loves me

I look at you and know that I am home

To you that loves me

To you that knows me

To you that sees me …..

And I look at you

And I see you

I embrace you

For I know how difficult it is..

In this world to find someone

That loves you

That sees you

That knows you

Just for you

Only for you

While all around people go about their daily lives

Without loving

Without seeing

Without knowing

Without eyes

Poem by Emma Visca

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There’s no need to explain

Stomach aches in knots

My body sore from your words

Was I just a joke to you

Was It fun, did it make you laugh

Games being played

Like a chessboard

Getting knocked off course the closer I got

What is it you want from me?

I’m not strong enough for your games

I would have stayed till the end my love

I would have stayed till the end

You wanted to conquer the board

Get the Queen

I was just some crazy girl

Getting in the way

Driven now by madness

I really didn’t see it

Coming my way

The pain you left

It left me so sore

You promised you would shield me

Be my shelter

We talked about flying

Now all there is is crying

I knew I would lose you

I knew it was too soon

Take me home to my mother

Where the flowers are bright

The grass smells fresh and glows green in the light

Let us lie under the blue sky and make daisy chains

I don’t want to feel my pain anymore

Your love washed away down the drain

I knew

I knew I would lose you.

Poem by Emma Visca

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A whisper… You do not belong there

And so all of a sudden it would come to an end.

Dreamed up stories

Covering a lifetime

The day is done

It was nice

but the day is done.

Emotion flying

Sense of your place

Hold my ear against your world for something

Some whisper that maybe there was significance in the dream

something, anything

Do you believe in miracles?

My mask once removed back on

My shield taken from my back ….back on

Ensure you don’t let your guard down again girl.


That is not the word for you.

True self.  Tear me to pieces.

True self.  Back on the path.

Your path. Just you for now.

Poem By Emma Visca

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You see me, when no one else can…

I was drawn towards you again, my Sea

My beautiful Sea.

What is it that you do that entices me so?

When I am sad I need to be around you.

When I’m with you I can’t stop watching you.

I fear that one day I could no longer see

See all of you

My heart races when I’m near

Me feet cold in the water

My body getting used to the coldness as I dive deep within you

Within the cold Scottish Sea.

Sometimes I wish you would take me

Take me to our place

We shall lay there in the quite

Listening to the ripples

I love you my Sea

My cold Scottish Sea

You see me

You see me when no one else can

Poem by Emma Visca

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Depression doesn’t care what you have

 or how much is in your life that can cause you to smile

 it takes it all from you in an instant.

 It captures you and leaves you at its mercy

 you are left with no control

you look at your beautiful family

and all that you have

 but still you don’t want to be here..

 Depression swallows you up

and eats away at your soul

 until it feels black darkened with sadness

Poem by Emma Visca

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What is it my love

When will you ever learn. When will you see. Don’t you get it. Don’t you get that I am here. Change your path, change it again. Follow you dreams follow them. Change course and change it again. Be happy, be sad. Be clever be stupid.Be crazy and wild be calm. Be sad, get angry. Shout go on shout. Be sad, cry it’s okay to cry. Be romantic in love, be sloppy and dirty. Regardless regardless of who you are from one day to the next you are mine. These arms will hold you whatever you do, wherever you fall. These arms will raise up at all your achievements, all that you accomplish whatever that me be. These arms will wrap around you. I am a limpet. I am glue. One thing is certain in my mind and that is you. You are my forever and I will fight for you. I have my own dream you see and it is you. Just you

-Emma Visca

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Untold Stories

She lay in the bath

Head under the water

Watched as the bubbles gathered at her mouth

Tormented mind

Tormented body

Skin still smelling of the Sea

Her bones wanted to be at ease

Her skin longed to be soft

Why does he torment her so?

If she could just allow herself to be free

Allow her mind to let go

Let go of all the thoughts

Water rippling

Skin peeling

Everything must end

Untold stories

Untold stories must end.

You were gone

Chased away by the dark night

The moon consumed you once again

She liked the taste of you

The tide would rise

Crash against the rocks in delight

Your body gone

The wreckage seen from the shore line

Poem by Emma Visca

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Unfunctional but free

I sat watching the tree

It had a red light bulb on it

It seemed strange that two things

Two separate things

Would be together

One created by nature


One by man

But yet they felt right together

The bulb and the tree

I wanted to go there

Sit beneath it

I wanted rope

To collide one life with something different

Something opposite

To feel free in a world that could accept differences

That beings could just be

That we could just be

A world where beautiful things could come together


But free

Poem by Emma Visca