Emma Visca has been working in a Senior position in the National Health Service in Scotland for the last 5 years. Educated initially at George Street school of Art after her school years, Emma did not go on to pursue her Art, falling pregnant at 19 years old, she gave birth to her baby daughter. Despite then studying and obtaining two degrees in Nursing studies and latterly Public Health Nursing, Emma continued to paint, every chance she could get.  Over the more recent years Emma has been selling art work online at and has sold worldwide to collectors.  She has gone on to Exhibit locally and travelled to Barcelona in the summer of 2017 to exhibit at an International Art fair.

Emma’s art continues to develop, she expresses herself through her Art work and at times writes poetry on her blog. She is fascinated with people and relationships and how people move from one state to the next.  How people change in their surroundings. How relationships change and develop over time. Emma’s more recent work is moving towards Abstract Expressionism.

Emma uses colour, and layers to create reflections of relationship complexities, she paints in her own home, mainly working on large canvas’ often two or three paintings at a time.  Doing so allows her to explore multiple creative threads.  Emma believes that her Art portrays her active mind, always being a people person, she is continually thinking about people, their moods, their sexuality. She pours her soul onto the canvas and at times feels exhausted afterwards as If her story comes to an end. The path reached its destination.

Emma explores life and documents her journey in her paintings and her poetry. Each painting is based on internal emotions, personal experience and deep reflection. Some are also influenced by books, news stories, articles, dreams, desires and her constant wonder at the world that surrounds her.


Emma’s work has exhibited at the Yellow Door Gallery, The Art Room Gallery and the Ottersburn Gallery. Last Summer she exhibited at an International Art Fair in Barcelona, Spain with a further exhibition in the Galeria Art Nou. Milleni in the City’s Eixample district. In May 2018 Emma participated in Spring Fling and was fortunate enough to exhibit at Gracefield Art Centre.


Emma’s work has sold worldwide to collectors across the U.S, in Italy, Spain, Romania and the length of the U.K.