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What is it my love

When will you ever learn. When will you see. Don’t you get it. Don’t you get that I am here. Change your path, change it again. Follow you dreams follow them. Change course and change it again. Be happy, be sad. Be clever be stupid.Be crazy and wild be calm. Be sad, get angry. Shout go on shout. Be sad, cry it’s okay to cry. Be romantic in love, be sloppy and dirty. Regardless regardless of who you are from one day to the next you are mine. These arms will hold you whatever you do, wherever you fall. These arms will raise up at all your achievements, all that you accomplish whatever that me be. These arms will wrap around you. I am a limpet. I am glue. One thing is certain in my mind and that is you. You are my forever and I will fight for you. I have my own dream you see and it is you. Just you

-Emma Visca

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