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I love you….To the eyes that see

You look at me and think that you know me..

You don’t know me

You don’t know anything

You look at me and think that you are like me

You are not like me

You are nothing like me

And then there is you

You that can see

You that takes me by the hand

You that knows me

You that loves me

I look at you and know that I am home

To you that loves me

To you that knows me

To you that sees me …..

And I look at you

And I see you

I embrace you

For I know how difficult it is..

In this world to find someone

That loves you

That sees you

That knows you

Just for you

Only for you

While all around people go about their daily lives

Without loving

Without seeing

Without knowing

Without eyes

Poem by Emma Visca

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